SEnergy is a world class state of the art sensor data intelligence solution. It has wide ranging applications suitable for Energy generators and Energy consumers alike. Generators include Solar, Wind, Biomass and also conventional energy generators. Consumers in the domains of cold chains, process industries, heat treatment, steel smelting industries, pharmaceutical, chemical and textile industries among others have benefited from our monitoring solutions. Very dense energy and sensor data is stored in the cloud and analysed for patterns, outliers, trends and anomalies. Stakeholder are notified in near real time when sensor thresholds are breached by the monitored systems. Rich visuals and customizable dashboards offer enhanced perception of reality for stakeholders from top floor to shop floor.

Flexible IOT Gateways

  • Our gateways work with multiple protocols and standards (Modbus, IEC 60870, BACNET, OPC Profibus, DLMS)

  • Highly programmable gateways capable of integration with any downstream or upstream system (like MRP, ERP, SCADA, Protection systems

  • Highly modularized design allowing plug in of large number of devices and dense data at the same time unlike other stock IOT gateways