Data Center Build & Operate

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Data Center Feasibility Consulting

  • Is your Data center in need of an upgrade?
  • Have you run out of space, power, or cooling in your data center?
  • Are you looking to understand the requirements to design and build a new or upgraded data center?

Specific expertise and experience is necessary to perform Data Center Feasibility Consulting and Studies. Most data center operators have expertise and experience in the Information Technology (IT) area in terms of network services, network engineering, network security, servers, desktop, storage, and other ancillary areas within the IT discipline. However, upgrading or building a new data center requires different skills in terms of power, space, cooling, fire suppression, computational fluid dynamics, data center architecture, commissioning of facility supporting infrastructure, just to name a few of the disciplines.

Therefore, it is an excellent idea to consider reaching out to a data center consulting team to provide these facility supporting infrastructure and architectural capabilities. The consultants will approach Data Center Feasibility Consulting by identifying the key design criteria for the two (2) main areas of the project focus within the overall data center infrastructure and services, the Technology Infrastructure & Services (IT) and the Support Infrastructure & Services (the Facility). The key design criteria are:

Since a data center project typically involves base-building design, Site Selection must also be included as a criterion placed on the overall design.
A computer room project, on the other hand, can be as involved as a project within a bigger base building project or as simple as a relocation and/or upgrade of an existing computer room within an established building space.